New watch David Beckham

New watch


Socialite and soccer star David Beckham has bought a new watch. Now, instead of the Rolex on his arm flaunt watch Jacob & Co with five dials. The new accessory is one of a series Pocket Watch: Clock has black finish with elements of red and gold represent as many as five time zones.

Beckham has long received the label shopaholic who spends a lot of money on gadgets. His new watch worth $ 11 000. And recently, Beckham’s wife Victoria gave a promise to buy jewelry Elizabeth Taylor, which has allocated $ 6 million, so the watches are purchased relatively modest expenditure of money.

New Jacob & Co watches have a two-year warranty on which they can always be exchanged for new ones, if you happen to some malfunction.

Watch company Jacob & Co emerged in the nineties of last century. Its founder Jacob Arabo started his career as a jeweler, so watch Jacob & Co is not only accurate instrumentation but elegant works of art.

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