Leonid Parfenov and Maurice Lacroix Watches



Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix introduced its first Russian Ambassador. They became a journalist Leonid Parfenov.

Attractiveness watch brand Maurice Lacroix Leonid Parfenov explains: “For me is very valuable to attempt to make a clock in a different way.

Witty and original at the same time be a square, where all round. These clocks showing real character, originality is clear to everyone. Actually it influenced my final decision to act as an ambassador Maurice Lacroix.

President of Maurice Lacroix, Martin Bachmann explained why the choice fell on Parfenov: “We create watches for people who can afford to be themselves. This is the person for whom the real power and appeal are enclosed within the man himself, not his social status. Leonid Parfenov is fully consistent with the type of people. ”

Recall that among such world brands Distinctive features stars such as Bob Geldof, golfer Justin Rose and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

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