The new watch company Zuriner – or plagiarism Panerai

The new watch company Zuriner


Local market added a new brand. Zuriner based Canadian collector of watches by Dave Simmons. His dream – to have his own watch brand – Dave played a few years after he moved to work in Hong Kong.

The new watch company Zuriner

Wrist watches have a price tag starting Zuriner of 1099 dollars. The first watch released limited edition of 300 copies. True watch closely resemble masterpieces Panerai – the famous company of Florence. Very much looks familiar protective brace over crown – it is almost one to one element of the firm reiterates hours Panerai. Also almost identical markings dial made it seems like Panerai watches on the “sandwich”.

Hours Zuriner as well as, Panerai preferably made in large quantities. Diameter of 48 millimeters of steel buildings. Mechanism is installed inside the UNITAS 6497, has a hand plant and 46 hours power reserve.

Perhaps Dave Simmons had always dreamed of producing watches Panerai?

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