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These watches are happy to buy in Europe, except that they are popular in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Albania. The company is now beginning Nexxen promotion on the Russian market. And who will doubt the inevitability of its success?

Such rapid growth can only envy: the first hours Nexxen appeared in 1994, and after seven years, they have already “and the World Is Not Enough” -Nexxen know almost everywhere. The secret of this success is well expressed in the Russian proverb: “Seven times measure, one cut.” It is unknown how it’s being true in other languages, but the producers used it wisely. Specialists of the company for many years in practice were studied reefs of the world watch market: the company traded in watch movements midrange.


And only when the tactics of behavior in the market was finally worked out, there was a brand Nexxen.

Ten years of experience in different regions of the world allows the company to produce exactly what the buyer expects to see some of the country. In Turkey, comes with gold-plated model Nexxen “stones” in Europe – more restrained and stylish tungsten and titanium watches. Well, for the development of the Russian market in the production run female models coated with “white gold” and loved by the Russian shopper ultrathin watch a variety of colors.

With regard to technological performance, the quartz Swiss movements (mainly, Ronda) guarantee the accuracy, and ultra-modern coating process (ion plating and MGP) make the gilding almost invulnerable.

Recently changed dramatically and has expanded the range Nexxen. It would seem so much more, but the imagination of designers irresistible. Modernity and diversity – that’s their style of work.

One of the most attractive new collections of ladies’ watches – ceramic – in Russia to receive the recognition it deserves. Ceramic inserts in different colors ensures that the shopper will be able to pick out an accessory to any costume, and the strength of ceramics and sapphire crystal would not allow her to complain: “What kind of hours?


They also do not work in the country!” In contrast to the production of masters “time of ceramic production,” this collection attracts more and wholesale prices, averaging from 32 to 38 USD – It is much cheaper than the existing brands on the Russian market in its class.

Company Nexxen, known that it does not stop there, by the summer of 2001 greatly expanded the range, and the “Moscow Watch Salon” plans to introduce new and additional collections.

As for the advertising support of Russian partners, then it can not be doubted. Hours Nexxen appeared in Russia in August 2001 and are already talking about them literally all the people involved in business hour. Here is the result of well-constructed advertising campaign, which will continue to grow! Today billboards Nexxen can be seen on the busiest stations of the Moscow subway, and the center of Moscow trolleys go with the image of a charming girl in hours Nexxen.

In addition, an active advertising campaign this clock is in the specialized press. Also provides for proper advertising at points of sale: posters, stickers, catalogs, stands and displays – in short, everything to attract a buyer. For each clock attached stand, box and branded bag for their spectacular design as a gift. To our Russian colleagues have been more convenient to work, the company has even taken care to provide warranty card in Russian.

Mark Nexxen owes its popularity and continued participation in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iran, Hungary and other countries. By the way, stand Nexxen you can see at the end of November and at the exhibition “Moscow Watch Salon 2001”.

Authorised dealers Nexxen, confirm that with this company – like a stone wall. Nexxen cares not only about the requirements of the buyer, but also traders, creating them with the most convenient conditions for work.

Nexxen – strong company ready to become a reliable partner for entrepreneurs. It promotes production, which surely competes with other brands. This was made possible thanks to a wide model range (by the way, all the clocks are manufactured without the use of Chinese components), the dynamic strength of occupied positions in the market and serious attitude Nexxen to advertising.

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