Japan, Casio is working on the Russian watch market for a long time, so you can draw conclusions about her experiences strategies and future plans. A conclusion to date suggests a: Casio aims to become popular for the Russian consumer brand hour mass in all areas of the middle segment. So certainly an original and winning was the last (of many rather unexpected) step of the company – right after the presentation of models ‘technical’ series G-Shock Pro Trek and release a brand new series of elegant women’s watches Sheen.

Hours for each

Casio – probably one of the most dynamic and exciting companies focused on middle-class consumers. It is so multifaceted that it is impossible to define two sentences of its products. Indeed how to describe the brand in the range where you can meet and watch with a built-in camera WQV-10 and the trendy youth model with an infrared port and a notebook Baby-G, and it is the classic “business” hours Edifice. The only thing that unites all the products of Japanese companies – three key characteristics: quality, modern design and democratic price.

And yet it is one thing – technical novelty or a sports model and another – classic ladies area, it is not honest report Casio. Nevertheless, it just seems that the concept of Casio and “ladies watch” are incompatible. In fact, says the United States, women buy Casio watch as aggressively as men. There’s very popular series of Phys (special models for the shaping and running) and Pela (designer watches for women opting for the free style of dress). I must say and a series of Casio Sheen (fine ladies watch) is also there for several years, but right now the designers have decided to give it a Casio brand new look – especially for the Russian market.

Golden mean

Because we have watches for women – it’s still not a fun toy or a vital accessory, but first of all jewelry. During the day a woman can do without a single time unit, since they are built into the dashboard car a microwave and a computer. And if she chooses a wristwatch, it is likely to “watch” – small and delicate so they can be put on an evening dress: a theater, restaurant, or guests. Casio sensitively captured the tastes of our ladies has created almost ideal “evening “Hours: elegant, classic, decorative and affordable.

In a series of Casio Sheen, will be available from mid-September presented 26 new models, and combined with five different types of design. The main idea of the series – a miniature rectangular housing, which merges with a thin twisted bracelet. Especially for these models was taken as developed last year by Citizen of the world’s smallest quartz movement Miyota. The main task of an updated series of Sheen to help a woman look flirty, luxurious and elegant. By the way, Sheen translated from Japanese means perfect.

In addition to miniature size and unusual geometric design, the new “twist” from Casio – a gold-plated watch.

All models are made of high quality Sheen hypoallergenic steel and available in three varieties: natural steel, as well as drawing a yellow or pink gold. The coating is applied with the help of modern technology types sputter IPG, which guarantees the safety of long form presentable hours.

Once again I would like to dwell on design Casio Sheen. Best of all it fits the definition of “safe”. Yellow, pink gold and steel – the three most popular color coating, combined with any suit. Thin strip, which visually turns into a tandem-body strap as it reduces the stresses and elegance of the female wrist. Underscore shimmering jewelry watches dials of different colors and conditional markup, imitating precious stones. These are the hours always selected and will certainly choose a woman seeking to look bright, impressive, but nevulgarno.

Why now the company has decided to take such a radical change of image?


Casio generation

As already mentioned Casio has been successfully operating on the Russian market for several years, and perhaps, there is no such person who did not know anything about this brand. For many it symbolizes the famous Japanese quality. More than ten years our people enjoy for hours, alarm clocks and calculators Casio, a home digital pianos and synthesizersof the brand – even the dream of every young person.

In other words, have grown up a generation brought up on affordable, original and quality products and Casio. And girls, who used calculators in school wrist Data Bank and then broke away to trendy discos in Baby-G, became a successful young businesswoman with an active lifestyle. But does that now they have to give up a proven and well-known brand? Of course not. The more so because the range and price (around $ 70) can not be restricted to one model and choose two or three. Casio rely primarily on their regular fans, so the collection is sold Sheen, along with other models of the brand in its retail stores.

A new approach to consumer stress the unusual presentation displays for hours, specially designed by designers of the company. They are made of wood and a dark blue fabric and look like a theatrical stage, where the “main characters” – watch Casio Sheen – slightly covered scenes. The theme of the theater and use the new posters Sheen – the producers are trying to emphasize that the new watches designed especially for people with good taste and cultural range.

And to further strengthen ties with their consumer audience Casio has announced a special contest for young women Sheen: each can become a “hero of our time” and face a new series (of course, in this case it will receive the watch as a gift).

Casio is able to change. Therefore, for this brand – the future.

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