At the junction of classic and fashion

At the junction of classic and fashion


The French market is filled with fashion products incredibly dense. There are dozens of famous brands with a rich istoriiey. Nevertheless, formed only 16 years ago the brand Fontenay just two years managed to enter the top lists of the French watch industry.

However, this is now a recognizable brand name did not appear out of nowhere. Fontenay belongs to the legendary fashion house Christian Bernard, who in addition to the jeweler GOVERNMENTAL jewelry and other accessories, is engaged in a “fashionable time.” Guy Laroche, Feraud, Bulenciaga, Cacharel, Christian Bernard, these and other brands produced by largely determine the direction of fashion in women’s watches.

Fontenay glory is forged in the center of the room designer Christian Bernard in the Paris suburb of Les Ulis. It employs 220 professionals who develop watches and jewelry for all brands of concern. Most models have projected their original design which are usually patented. But Christian Bernard – not only the design studio.

This company is the only Hindu grii fashion with its own watch production.

Visionary owners have found to Fontenay is a very interesting positioning: it occupies an intermediate position between the classic clock and fashion brands. Its product range is diverse and no less bright than many fashion houses, but it’s not fashion watch in pure form.

A little quieter design and abstract name is not tied! Owner Fontenay hours to what a particular style, but leave her free to choose clothing and other accessories.

At the junction of classic and fashion

As you know, all the most important discoveries and trends are born at the junction of two directions.

Fontenay, balancing on the thin line of classic and fashion shows amazing sales results and is the leading brand in the Group Christian Bernard.


Rise Fontenay feerichen. 3 years after the start mark is present in more than 1000 French stores. In 1996 the brand was presented on 5 continents and two years later became a leader in sales of women’s hours on the French market. In 1999, Fontenay gets CADRAN D’OR (Gold Dial) – the most prestigious French award for watchmaking. And in 2002, the second phase of international expansion brand came to the most important emerging markets including China, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Over time Fontenay became a trendsetter in the world clock, successfully combining traditional forms of perfection with a touch of originality inherent in the products from France. The mission of Fontenay – carry French elegance to all corners of the planet, making the “Paris on the wrist” available to women across the world from Buenos Aires to Beijing.

Fontenay Watches are available – the maximum retail price is $ 300. But this brand is essentially a price niche above psevdofrantsuzskih brands, thus emphasizing the elitism of traditional and high-class Parisian fashion that is fully justified by the origin of the brand and build quality products.

At the junction of classic and fashion


Target group Fontenay – women are to the strict classical views, and preferring the modern design. Any of them will watch here for my taste – in the collections of the brand has more than 500 models, which are distributed along three main lines.

Classic combines the collection Les Incontournables and Les Precieuses. In the first line of assembled relatively inexpensive clock on every day, and second-line models are close to jewelry. They are memorable because of the myriad of sparkling lights, zircons. But the hours in a line of Les Contemporaines (Present) can be attributed rather kfeshn than the classics. In addition to the versions available many models are available and in jewelry design. Diamond Series Fontenay Diamond Collection Swiss Made, Safari, Glamour, Olympe great cover of glamorous niche hours.

But no matter how elegant and weightless may appear hours Fontenay, you can be quiet for their reliability and quality. The manufacturer uses a Swiss quartz movement ETA and Ronda, gilding applied galvanic method unfading luster of many models is guaranteed by a palladium coating. The firm provides one-year warranty.

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