Unusual hours on film

Unusual hours


Recently, the inventors do not cease to surprise us with unusual devices and the clock. Recently, there have presented new public hours, which are made in the form of an ordinary film. Film cameras have long since gone out of fashion and they were replaced by digital, but still there are people who just love film cameras. There are even those who still make them pictures. So, most likely, these hours will approach those people who love the old and nostalgic. Everything else, they look quite nice and, of course, all guests enjoy your home. These clocks gadgets over time can be only a reminder of how time flies inexorably forward, and technology is constantly evolving. It is possible that a few years will go clock-gadget in the form of modern technology: Ipod, plates, etc. Pending watch capable of displaying not only time but also the current date. Of course, all your settings and preferences can easily change and lost control in this model could even not suited to man.

The cost of such a clock, by modern standards is not so high – only $ 62 U.S. At this point in time is not known whether such a watch sold in Russia or not. In any case, the overseas similar gadget watches will find their market and are quite popular. What can we say about our country, it is unlikely that such a bold incarnation of hours can be very successful, but, of course, demand will be, though small? Many people distrust anything new, so catch an unusual product is sometimes quite difficult.

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