Tresors de Vacheron Constantin – a Heritage horloger depuis 1755

Tresors de Vacheron Constantin


The National Museum of Singapore, in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin inaugurated the exhibition of historical and horological Manufacture of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. “Tresors de Vacheron Constantin – a Heritage horloger depuis 1755” will be open until 14 August 201. The exhibition reveals for the first time the assets of the oldest watch manufacture in the world working with an uninterrupted, for over 250 years, always with creativity and savoire-faire.

Tresors de Vacheron Constantin

Juan-Carlos Torres, CEO of Vacheron Constantin, Tommy Koh, Singapore’s Foreign Minister Chor, and Linn, Director of the National Museum of Singapore have together cut the ribbon opening the many guests come from all over the world and the audience of enthusiasts, who June 24 tomorrow, will see the beautiful pieces of “Tresors de Vacheron Constantin – a Heritage horloger depuis 1755.”

Built as a journey around the spirit of the artisans cabinotier the eighteenth century, the exhibition is an invitation to discover the evolution of time measurement, the trades associated with it and the influence of artistic currents. Three chapters have written the history of Vacheron Constantin since its foundation. The visitor on a journey back in time, following the 180 specimens from the extraordinary heritage of the Manufacture in Geneva in the exhibition space of 600 m2. From archival documents of Jean-Marc Vacheron and Francois Constantin watchmaker’s tools, work benches for craftsmen cabinotier Geneva, machinery invented by the Manufacture, the architecture of the exhibition is a technical and aesthetic universe of incredible richness.

Like an open book on the past and present, the clocks on display tell the story of the Metiers d’Art, without which the Haute Horlogerie not achieve similar levels of excellence. The model’s main exhibition is a brilliant demonstration: the pocket watch Les Bergers d’Arcadie created in 1923 is the quintessence of manufacturing expertise in all its forms, the constant pursuit of excellence. The artisans of the Manufacture is in Singapore to unveil some of their secrets to visitors, engravers, setters, enamellers and watchmakers have the testimony of a savoire-how inherited from past centuries and still put in the service of a constantly renewed creativity.

“This first major exhibition of” Tresors de Vacheron Constantin – a Heritage horloger depuis 1755 “lays the foundation for a long journey that tells the cultural richness of our history, which echoes that of Haute Horlogerie. It is also the story of one of the finest displays of teamwork, where each clock is the result of a symbiosis of talent and the encounter of men who combine their skills in the same building. It is our duty to do so to pass on this heritage of man, priceless imprint to history “, Juan Carlos Torres, CEO of Vacheron Constantin.

“During this journey, we become aware that the long history of watchmaking, not only concentrates the developments and technical innovations but also reflects the evolution of time, history in general, the trends and habits of life,” Chor Linn , Director of the National Museum of Singapore.

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