Present Patriot

Present Patriot


Present Patriot

Thanks to the generosity and the very good taste of the Russians the question of how a particular model will be accepted in Russia, solved all the leading Swiss already under development. Following Remix Russian client began hours Russian Special edition, created exclusively for us. These watches are not only of the highest collectible value, but a great gift for the patriot.

Symbols of Russia – one of the hottest trends in modern domestic fashion and design. Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Union Jack, Chinese and Japanese characters – that no one else is surprised. As well as Swiss watches, even the most original, expensive and complex. But after the Turin Olympics to wear a jacket with the huge words “Russia”, the flag or the contour of the Kremlin’s gilded jacket has become more prestigious haute couture. However, the designer immediately grasped the new trend and now sew collection, inspired by the Russian theme. Keep up with them and watch brands: Even the Swiss are using Russian cultural heritage as a basis for design models. Only the Kremlin on the dial of his watch in the last year has placed several large brands. And naturally, they went on sale first in Moscow boutiques.

But Russian Special edition models of famous brands, decorated with Russian symbols – is not only the perfect souvenir to foreign guests, but also present relevant domestic officials and businessmen who always welcome the opportunity to emphasize the love of the motherland. Moreover, as we see, the choice of models of varying degrees of prestige, popularity, style and price range is truly impressive.

Hourly factory “Patriot”

“The Kremlin”

Perhaps the most striking proof of the new fashion – watch “The Patriot.” This is the first in our country, private label, models which are manufactured in Switzerland by the order from Russia. Strictly speaking, the owners of the mark “Patriot” and started this project because more and more customers have been asked to buy watches interesting, rare, collectible and pronounced patriotic. At first glance it seems that the model of “Patriot” – it’s just skeletons in a gold case with a picture of different types of the Kremlin. In fact, in these hours, there are two “secret”: First, they established Russian mechanisms treated to an ideal condition, no worse than the Swiss. Secondly, all engraved image Kremlin, the sheath-bridge mechanism of the sled – it’s real coinage from the Russian commemorative coins made of precious metals, carefully cut from the originals. Works Jewelry on painstaking and complexity, besides the real coin at the base hours – is the foundation for the collectible rarity, an original Russian version of the Coin Watch from Corum. Of course, all models, the Patriot has an individual number.

Features: Manual winding chronograph Poljot 3133 or 2715/05 housing 38 mm, rose gold 585 °, bezel encrusted with 48 diamonds and 12 rubies, Dial is missing, bridges chased the Kremlin’s image carved out of the jubilee coins, arrows, ruby, leather strap alligator

Present Patriot


Santos 100 Saint Basil

Cartier always Cartier, the legendary Parisian house, even when he releases the clock on the “Russian theme”. Probably, the new Santos Saint Basil – these are the hours in which to appear at social events, to highlight not only their patriotism, but also taste good. Because the image is St. Basil’s Cathedral on the dial of this model is probably the most intelligent of all we’ve seen before. In general, the main temple of the Red Square itself is bright and colorful, involves a lot of room for fancy jewelry and enamel artists. But Cartier, who last year showed that the enamel inlay techniques and colorful it is quite accessible on the example of other collectible model Santos 100 Motif Faucon, this time showed severity and restraint: Cathedral depicts a gold engraving on a blue enamel Grand Feu, and not as a whole, and fragmentary. Such an amazing way Cartier managed to avoid fussiness and “souvenir” Basil’s Cathedral. Received excellent collection watches Saint Basil. A total of 15 copies released to the world. Of course, first of all they are intended for Russian buyers. It is noteworthy that the presentation of the model took place only in April at the SIHH, and in May of hours have already been on sale in Moscow boutique Cartier. At the time of the delivery room boutique had only four instances.

Features: automatic, body in yellow gold, the weight of 165.5 grams, the inlay 280 diamonds totaling 2.71 carats, the dial is made ​​in the technique of Grand Feu, arrows of gold, alligator strap, gold buckle

Present Patriot

Vacheron Constants

Malte Moscow Limited Edition

In May, the Moscow boutique Vacheron Constantin has brought some unique watches made ​​specially for Russia in the amount of only 5 copies. Limited Edition was created on the basis of a prestigious model with retrograde perpetual calendar collection from Malte. The mechanism of the perpetual calendar 1126 QPR, created in the studio Vacheron Constantin, – this in itself is a feast for any collector and connoisseur of the mechanics that are likely to immediately recognize its unique sliding retrograde date hand. However, the classic design of Malte well preserved: the broad, fan-shaped ears, stylized Maltese cross on the crown and arrows in the form of blades of the sword. Hours are also equipped with flip-back lid, which opens up a mechanism under the sapphire glass. Inside of the hinged back cover can be decorated with any engraving – monogram, logo or inscription. But you can not decorate because everything is shown outside the main thing: the rear cover and a black dial adorned with gold engraving in the form of the Russian coat of arms.

Features: automatic 1126 QPR, a reserve of the 40 hours, the perpetual calendar function (pointer to the weekday, date, month, year and position in the leap year cycle), the case of 18K rose gold, back cover and a black dial with the emblem of Russia, the strap Mississippi alligator leather, folding clasp made of gold

Present Patriot


Jumping Hour

Kazan Mother of God

Bovet company at all times as the favorite brand of European and Oriental monarchs, as it combines not only the highest quality and craftsmanship of watchmaking, but also masterpieces of painting, enameling and jewelry. Manufacture of Fleury recently reaffirmed its highest status, launch a unique project. Based on the model Jumping Hour collection of Complication watches were issued with the indication of “jumping hour” on the face which, on request, can be executed any miniatures.

Window with a pointer to an hour is not traveling on the dial along the minute scale, as documented in the “8 o’clock”. Rotates on its axis very minute scale. Her testimony should be read in front of the mark “12 hours”. That is, the clock on the photos indicate that is now exactly 3 hours. Housing diameter 42 mm made of pink gold. Glass and caseback Sapphire.

Exemplary model depicting the face of Our Lady of Kazan and the Mona Lisa have already arrived in Moscow Salon DA VINCI. Only they can find hours Bovet.

Features: draper’s automatic Bovet Jumping Hour 11VA07 frequency of 28 800 pc / h, power reserve of 55 hours, bridges and platinum decorated with hand strap with a firm clasp of 18K rose gold, hand-sewn alligator

Present Patriot



About our “coalition” of the Russian company Denissov already repeatedly wrote and our journal, and many others, because the collection is not new – it was made ​​to the 60-year-old victory. Accordingly, dedicated to the victor countries and their leaders. On the dial shows the outlines of the country, and on the back cover is engraved image of a historical figure. Initially, models in the set was three, and they were devoted only to members of the Yalta Conference: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. Next to it was added, General de Gaulle and the “French model”, respectively.

Naturally, the set of all the most popular uses “Soviet” model. That it is easy to explain: “the father of nations” modestly hiding on the back cover, together with the name of the state of the USSR. And on the dial that you can proudly display to all, – the outline of the country, occupies 1 / 6 part of the land, and the anniversary date, symbolizing not just patriotism, and patriotism of the winners: 1945-2005.

Features: chronograph with manual winding Flight 3133, building steel or gold plated, sapphire caseback, retroushki strap with volume numbers in 1945 and 2005 are made ​​separately, on a dial placed embossed emblems and maps of the Allies’

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