New Line Jumbo and Shuttle from the company Wise & Ope

Wise & Ope


French watch company Wise & Ope is one of those rare companies, creating a subculture based on the trend of her fans. The unique design and affordable prices – are the key success of the brand. The basic tenet of the company, which builds the company’s philosophy – to be in constant motion, and to discover new cultures. Meticulously examining trends in the market for the production of products for teens, the company Wise & Ope brought revolutionary ideas in the watch industry.

Wearing a wrist watch from Wise & Ope can afford as teenagers, because of the person for whom age – just attitude towards life, and not a statement of facts.

At the Basel show in 2011 Mark Wise & Ope introduced two new lines of Shuttle and Jumbo. Colorful, rainbow palette of cases and straps caresses look richness and variety of tones. Performed in a minimalist style, round body made of plastic. Silicone straps are harmoniously integrated into the body. The dial is protected mineral glass. Models are designed to Quartz Ronda 762 Swiss-made. Water-resistant clock reaches 50 meters.
Along with the clock stamp produces excellent attributes of modern design, bright colors that adorn the daily lives of teenagers.

Company Wise & Ope has expanded dealer network, represented in over 40 countries.

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