Flight Breitling Jet Team

Flight Breitling Jet Team


Aviation Team Breitling Jet Team is preparing, together with the Airbus A380 to the Paris Air Show 2011, under which the fighters with symbolism Breitling watch company flew over Toulouse.

Breitling Jet Team is composed of seven fighters with colorful numbers on their tails and yellow text “Breitling”. Flight with the A380, having a wingspan of 80 meters, lasted 50 minutes at an average speed of 500 km / h. This was to prepare for the show Airexpo in Muret-Lherm, where in addition Breitling Jet Team attended such legendary aerobatic team, as British Red Arrows.

By the way black and yellow fighters Breitling Jet Team will soon appear in the sky yet and over Le Bourget – 20-26 June.

Flight Breitling Jet Team

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