Clock with large LCD display



Modern clocks are so diverse that to opt for a particular model is sometimes not so simple. Here is a collection of interesting gadgets recently replenished with new versions – a clock with large LCD display. Now in vogue watch with lots of extra features such as built-in organizer, cell phone or calendar.

There is a clock with a camera, and, quite good resolution. Discussed in this article have not only watch the big screen, but the built-in mp3-player, allowing you to spare time to listen to your favorite music. Also, with this gadget is very easy to read electronic books, as the display for a small device is large enough. You can look at this device, and videos, and photos. Battery clock called Think Geek charged from an ordinary USB-cable. The battery holds up to 4 hours of video playback and 7 hours of listening to music. Another feature of this model over ordinary hours is that the dial you can set any image. Undoubtedly, such a watch in his hand the host will draw attention to it, especially – with the opposite sex, because they look very nice, stylish and modern.

Especially nice look, metal frame and leather strap. The device has a built-in memory to 2 GB, display resolution at 128×128 pixels, and bundled with the data clock are earphones, USB-cable, drivers for synchronization with a PC or laptop and instructions for proper operation

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