Watch “Glam” Liu Jo

Watch "Glam" Liu Jo

New year, new exciting price for a watch to watch the tip of the collection signed Liu Jo Luxury . From today, the model “Glam”, after the boom in sales recorded in 2010, is proposed at 99 €, in a special edition, as well as reaching the clock “cheap & chic” brand.

Available in white, black, blue, brown and red, the “Glam” boasts colorful print lizard leather strap and a durable steel square case with a dial and bezel studded with white crystals. In particular, the two sides of the bezel are set in the glittering letters “L” and “J” Liu Jo, in giant size.

Watch "Glam" Liu Jo

A model very elegant, glamorous and strong visual impact, as well as beloved by many young Liu Jo-addicted from their mothers will also show off with jeans, dresses or bon ton with the most classic suit.

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