Tissot Watches

Tissot Watches TISSOT talk is talk about quality and high technology associated with the highest tradition of Swiss watchmaking. After nearly a century and a half of history evolving wrist discerning TISSOT prepare today for the third millennium, living among the true values ​​and eternal and most sophisticated advances in technology. The new models have enriched TISSOT collections from a perspective not only recreational but also classic, chic, for youth and the elderly.

TISSOT not provide a complete picture of the watch world today without losing traditional values. TITANIUM 7-7-digital functions, the new PR 200 AQUATIC-dive strap 100% waterproof-TITANIUM ALARM CHRONO, the PR 50 CHRONO, the PR 100 LADY DIVER, are the new models have joined the TISSOT sports family.

Tissot Watches

For other occasions, classic lines give way to new BALLADE, Fascination and MARQUISE for men and women, not to mention the model NEW GOLD HELVETIA, a gem of a watch in 18 carat gold. The pocket watch complete the essence of the classic Swiss firm.

Tissot Watches

But the big star of the last few seasons, a symbol of modern timepieces, has been the PR 100 AUTOQUARTZ, the automatic watch with quartz accuracy. The advertising campaign was also under renovation. The philosophy of the Swiss firm, committed to real people and eternal values, is the center of the message you are responsible for transmitting the actual characters that the protagonists. The richness of its product and the activities that has been associated with throughout his career is a clear example of this philosophy that identifies TISSOT.

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