Poljot Watches

Poljot WatchesIn 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yury Gagarin won the admiration of the world when it launched the first manned space flight. When Gagarin piloted the Vostok 1 in the space around the Earth, he wore a watch “Shturnmanskie,” made ​​by the First Moscow Watch Factory (1 MWF). To celebrate this historic event, 1 MWF began producing watch “Poljot (” Flight “). Since that event “Poljot” has become the trademark of a limited set of quality timepieces made ​​by the 1 MWF in Moscow.

The 1 MWF was founded in 1930 and began as a small workshop. It has grown to a modern company of more than 5000 employees that produce an assortment of watches and precision instruments for space systems, aviation, and fleet. One of the most important events in the development of 1 MWF was the purchase in the early 80’s equipment to manufacture Swiss watches with high quality standards. These teams, along with the Swiss for their management training, improved quality prominently. It also allowed 1 MWF be the only producer of watches in the USSR to develop their own models of the watch and movement.

Poljot Watches

The 1 MWF has earned worldwide respect as a producer of watches “Swiss Quality.” In fact, in 1992 and 1993 on 1 MWF won the prestigious Golden Trophy XX Quality “and the” XXI International Trophy for Quality. ” Today, the elite of the watches “Poljot” represent just a portion of the total annual output of 1 / 2 million watches. Most of this production is distributed and sold in Europe.

Currently our company, Russian Clock Company offers two different categories of authentic “Poljot”. One is the 3133 Chronograph that time the Soviet Union, was mainly for the KGB, the Russian Army and the Russian fleet. Today, the production of this category is limited to 20 – 30 thousand per year and is available for sale as collectors items such as watches and functional.

We also offer 2612, mechanical alarm clock with technical features like watches Swiss alarm can cost five times more. The 2612, simple and elegant, has established itself as one of the most attractive watches a1 MWF has occurred, and the alarm makes it a perfect travel companion.

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