Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix Watches  The long tradition of watchmaking craftsmanship that has Maurice Lacroix could not be born elsewhere than in Switzerland. There, in the canton of Jura, Maurice Lacroix has its manufacturing plants, in which works exclusively with top quality raw materials.

Each watch requires more than 300 stages of work and each provides a strict and sophisticated quality control is directed toward a single goal: that every one of Maurice Lacroix watches meet the highest standards of accuracy and design, becoming symbols of eternal value. Throughout its history, Maurice Lacroix has also created an elegant, sophisticated line of skin wallets, agendas, bags and suitcases, using the most noble to treat skin flawlessly, creating innovative unique designs in line with modern times.

The world-renowned Swiss firm also appointed a full line of high quality accessories such as pens, pens, ties, scarves and a series of articles that combine classic elegance with all the imaginative possibilities offered by new technologies and avant-garde . The advertising strategy adopted over the past 20 years, has firmly and progressively strengthen the Maurice Lacroix watches the most influential international markets. This is a very neat advertising, high image and prestige, with exquisite composition, which highlighted such notorious spots like the one carried out by the firm in 1983. In these 20 years, Maurice Lacroix has won major awards at world fairs and sponsored events and elite sporting events.

Maurice Lacroix Watches

Munreco Group, Maurice Lacroix official distributor for Spain, is responsible for this successful marketing extrategia developed in the last 20 years, during which time he has earned the trust and confidence of customers and suppliers.

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