Locman Montecristo YC, clock dedicated to mariners

Locman Montecristo YC


The brand Locman decided to expand and enrich the successful series of watches with a new model Monte Cristo: Monte Cristo YC
The novelty of this watch is the crown that has the flags of the top Italian yacht club printed on rehault.

Montecristo YC, as with mechanical movement, has developed a mechanism Locman.

The installation, adjustment and control of the precision of this movement were in the laboratories Locman technicians and teachers of the SIO, the Italian School of Watchmaking was founded in 2006 by Locman. The movement is also visible through a glass door at the bottom built crate.

Powerful and vigorous line, Montecristo YC has a large steel and titanium case, water resistant to 10 atmospheres.

The innovative design, however, gives an idea of ​​lightness, thanks to an original game of alternating full and empty: the three loops spaced, bolted to the bottom of the titanium case with the central bar, create a transparency and light that is found luminescent hands and fissures in the triangular transpiration of the strap.

Locman Montecristo YC

The dial is offered in blue, black or white and is glazed with ceramic. The sapphire plate is fixed to the case with a nylon gasket and, in the automatic version is equipped with a magnifying glass placed over the date that it is easy to read.

As for the bracelet then, is breathable and silicone vegetable dyes and has deplorante buckle also has a device that facilitates the adjustment of the measure, then without the need for the buyer having to pay for this watch store of trust or parent companies.

Locman Montecristo YC, both in declination with automatic mechanical movement quartz chronograph version is also offered with cash total color, then coated by a ceramic composite thin film of black or deep blue, a coating system of last generation, ultra shock resistant and wear.

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