Choosing Marilyn

Choosing Marilyn



France is associated with beautiful things. How many times have tried to debunk the myth of the beautiful France “, arguing that the women there do not hurt something beautiful, and taste local producers often lack, and indeed the French fashion is obsolete and become boring. And yet millions of the fair sex from around the world continued to rush it in Paris boutiques and malls, and the thing to do in France, remains the most desirable acquisition for any fashionista.

If we talk about watch Clyda, then they instantly drew that elusive charm which accurately to determine their origin. What is “beauty in French? This is a perfectly sound design, an attractive sight lines perfect. That is why the French clocks have won the hearts of women: they are more like fashion accessories than traditional devices of time. If your watch a man demonstrate his status and lifestyle, the main problem of women’s hours to complete the image of their owner. The secret of success Clyda is that from the beginning, its founders did not intend to make just a clock. They wanted to create beautiful things.

Choosing Marilyn


In 1966, the Parisian designer Teylar Jules turned to the factory Roger Monin in Sharkemon near the border with Switzerland to add some order to the production of watches under its own brand Clyda, established in 1939. After neskolkihlet not too successful work with various brokers Teylar concluded that all parts and labor must be performed in one enterprise. The first experience was so successful that within a few years the factory for the production of components into a full-time plant. And in 1971 Roger Monin Jr. won the right to exclusive production of watches under the brand Clyda, and since 1988, after creating their own export department, hours Clyda began its triumphal march through Europe.

Today the headquarters of an independent company Clyda located in the House of French watchmaking industry in the heart of Sharkemona. In addition, the firm has offices in Paris, Germany and Belgium. Production capacity of the modern factory designed to produce one million hours per year, about a third of which is exported. All models are designed and created entirely in a factory Clyda and are the embodiment of a single artistic vision. Hours Clyda is first and foremost an elegant decoration. Confirmation of this is the company’s participation in prestigious professional jewelry exhibition Print’Or and partnerships with many reputable jewelry companies and distributors.

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