Casio G-Shock GX-56

Casio G-Shock GX-56

Take a GW-5600-1V, the classic and legendary G-Shock that has impressed for years (and still does break the heart of nostalgic fans and lovers of GShock), and anabolizzatelo vestitelo mudman … as a player here and ready new GX-56 .

Sold in the usual tin box complete with logo “G” on the lid, like all G-Shock that respect, the GX-56 strikes for the really big size (55.5 x 53.6 x 17.5 mm ) which, objectively, they are not literally for all wrists “…

The square shape of the case is reminiscent of more traditional GShock (see GW-5XXX & Co.), characterized by an outer frame that creates a thickness with which to protect against impact the large digital display (negative) mounted under a mineral glass densities.

The buttons to the four corners of the box are plastic, red rubber of generous size and made to resist penetration of dirt (hence the term “Mud Resist” screen-printed on the strap). Precisely because of this feature buttons are a bit ‘harder than normal to the pressure (but eventually you get used to soften and even a little) and consequently, less convenient to use than the standard GS.

The bottom of the body (steel, set with the usual four screws in the corners) is further protected by a resin frame in red to match the buttons. The solid shell of the GX-56 confers on him, deservedly, the ISO 2281 certification for water resistance up to 20 bar / 200 meters.

Wrist watch seems even bigger and more solid than it actually is.

The weight (about 90 g) is, after all, content, and does not create particular problems for those who like oversized wrist watches, but not too heavy. Despite the softness (and good quality of the resin), the band (with two holes for the buckle), well that wraps around the wrist, is not the most comfortable for small wrists … conversely, the wrists of measures important, the band will bind to perfection, making the fit is a clock (on the form of cash and loops, which tend to hug the wrist).

The functions of the GX-56 is the classic that we have become accustomed Casio GS with its more “simple”, that is not dedicated to particular activities (see GW-9200 and the like). In addition to the functions of hours, I cite the dual time, alarm (5 in total), the stopwatch (1 / 100, 24 h), the countdown timer (1 / 1 min, 24 h), the time signal ( chime) and the ability to automatically turn on the backlight (it occurs at the twist of the wrist).

The first thing you notice when you touch his hand with this model, apart from the size XXL, the display is negative, which is also relatively large.

Casio G-Shock GX-56

Although not a fan of display negative, for reasons of readability, I must say that the GX-56 is doing very well to the “readability test”, are sufficiently challenged as to be readable even in low light environment. Certainly contribute to increase the readability of the LCD characters, which are sufficiently large. To improve readability, however, enabled the Board to keep the auto lighting, which illuminates the back of a beautiful deep blue numbers and the matrix, allowing for optimal viewing in all conditions.

In conclusion, the GS has struck me, as well as the exaggerated size (honestly I imagined a little ‘less “bold”!), For its strength and the LCD display, which although it is not, after all is clearly legible, even in low light conditions.

On the other hand, I must admit that I was a bit ‘disappointed by a couple of things … First, the buttons too hard to press and, consequently, poorly responsive and precise and second: the band, which (perhaps because of the size case) is ill-suited to small to medium wrists (like mine), on which the GX-56 decidedly out of place, failing to embrace the right wrist in the area around the handles.

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