The most expensive clock in the world

The most expensive clock in the world

The Clock of the world’s most expensive costs 1000000 $. It is a watch for a man it was planned out on the computer very well. Alone for 3 days only material tests were conducted. The case is covered in white gold and diamonds. The 544 diamonds have been smoothed and matched to the clock. These are worth 300,000 €. But only 30% of the purchased diamonds were also used real and the other 70% are garbage. For the most expensive clock in the world were also the most expensive diamonds used: white diamonds. These were then dyed black for the Clock.

These diamonds are most likely the Big Bang. The diamond is different from the weight of the color and the cut of the diamond. The Clock is made of 148 individual parts of a special machine to close tolerances were excised exactly from various materials. It takes 80 hours to the most expensive parts of the Clock of the world were assembled. And this clock has also purchased the same

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