Smarty the watches come Bunga

The brand Smarty, a young and trendy and well known for watches silicone young and light, and is now on the market watches Bunga Bunga & Moralism opportunism.

A new model, which already by the name leaves no room for misunderstanding, and that has been designed by designer Monica Candussio Friuli and also echoes a direct message, declared by the social content.

Smarty, the watches come Bunga Bunga

After the now the clocks have been made to take back and follow the spirit of innovation and what is fashionable, typical of the brand Smarty.

The watch Smarty Bunga Bunga is an accessory without compromise, which aims to highlight the types of conduct that govern human action: morality and
Just opportunism.

Even the logo engraved on the dial becomes a sobering concept.

The watch Smarty Bunga is available in white or black and comes with a special packaging containing a t-shirt.

It has become an element that depopulated the network and is already sought after even in the jewelers.

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