These Celebrities can Afford Limitless Supplies of Their Own Watch

When you think about it, trying to comprehend the lifestyles of celebrities is difficult. The average person will never quite understand the feeling of always being in the public eye, with every move they make being scrutinised.

There’s also another aspect of the celebrity lifestyle that is tough to grasp: the wealth they have. While this varies from person to person, of course, the average celebrity earns significantly more than the average wage.

Splurging on Watches

Yet there are also certain celebrities, those that are billionaires, who boast a bank balance that virtually nobody has ever experienced. With this type of unprecedented wealth, billionaires are not restricted in purchasing, well, anything.

However, some remain conservative when splashing the cash. This is evident by the timepieces the following billionaires have. Using research from Online Casino Betway, here are three celebrities who can afford limitless supplies of their own watch.

Jeff Bezos

If you haven’t heard already, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. After starting Amazon in the 1990s to sell books over the internet, he has transformed the company into the world’s largest online retailer. Almost everyone with the capability to purchase goods on the World Wide Web has used Amazon, which has contributed to Bezos’ reported net worth of £112 billion.

With that type of money, Bezos could afford any watch that he wanted. For example, the most expensive watch of all time, the Grandmaster Chime by Patek Philippe, only went for £23,722,177. That’s not even 0.025% of his wealth.

Instead, he has plumped for a relatively modest wristwatch. Bezos is known to wear an UlysseNardinDual Time, which has a price tag of £9,670.16. While this is beyond the means of the average person, it’s barely a drop in the ocean for Bezos. In fact, he could theoretically afford to purchase the watch a further 11,582,018 times.

Bill Gates

If you thought that 11.5 million was the biggest example you’d see, think again. Although he was usurped by Bezos as the richest person in the world, Microsoft kingpin Bill Gates is on a different level in terms of how many duplicates he could buy of his own watch.

This is due to the watch he wears. When it comes to modest wristwear, no billionaire can come close to Gates – unless they opt against wearing a watch altogether. So which watch does he have? Well, it’s only a Casio Duro, which can be picked up for £52.

That’s right: fifty-two pounds.

To do the same comparison as Bezos, Gates could purchase the watch a further 1,642,071,346 times. This means he could give every person in Europe two complimentary Casio Duro’s.

Jes Staley

Okay, he’s not as famous as the other two. His personal wealth also pales in comparison to Bezos and Gates. Yet Jes Staley, the CEO of Barclays, is another example of someone that could purchase an excessive amount of their own watch. Staley currently wears a Luminor Marina by Panerai. This timepiece has a mid-range price tag of £3,448.35. This means Staley could buy his watch a further 534,892 times.


Why the chronograph watch is popular

Watches are one of the most popular clothing accessories world over. They are worn by both men and women, contrary to a historical past where they were only popular with men.

There are many watch designers and manufacturers from different parts of the world. As such, watches are available in different prices, makes, colors, and the number of straps one can buy.

About Vintage, is one of the upcoming contemporary watch manufacturers. They have a range of watches that are increasing becoming more and more popular as more people come to know about them.

This is why more and more people are buying About Vintage watches.

Great design

In the world we are living in, how we look matters a whole lot. That is why fake social media accounts are so popular. Here, you can portray a life you wish to live as if you are living it now.

About Vintage are first and foremost quite keen on how their watch looks. As a result, they carry out lots of research with their potential customers. As a result, they produce watches that their customers aspire to and are designed in an appealing and beautiful style.

Great branding

As their name suggests, About Vintage produces watches that are based on history. To bring this out, they name and their watch collections based on historical times and events.

For example, their 1844 chronograph watch collection is one of their most popular. It is innovative in its design and a highly practical watch. It comes in a beautiful box and an easy to engrave casing. Further, owners can buy extra straps to match their watches to their outfits or surroundings.

Great pricing

For their great design, About Vintages watches are available at fairly affordable prices. The watches are booked before they are produced and clients pay in advance. Once they are produced, they are then shipped to them.

Each of their collection is sold out based on the pricing and design of the watch, and, most importantly, the vintage story behind it.

Easy to wear

The chronograph watch is designed and built with light weight material. As such, it is quite light while on your hand and it will not tire its wearer.

Features of the chronograph watch from About Vintage

Interchangeable straps

When you buy this watch, it comes with two pairs of straps. However, you can easily and quickly buy more straps to change as frequently as possible.

The straps are available in lots of colors and you can buy as many as you like. Further, the process of changing straps is quite easy and fast. Click a button on the watch and the strap opens ready for replacement. Fasten the new strap and you are ready to go.


The chronograph watch has a single solid color. The most popular is the white dial watch. The white background is coupled with black steel hands and dots for an easier and faster way to tell time on the watch.

Other available dial colors for their watches are green, black, blue and navy blue.

Packaging box

About Vintage designs beautiful wooden boxes to pack their watches in. They are beautifully designed and crafted to appeal to the eyes and to conceal and protect the valuable watch.

With this box, the chronograph watch becomes a beautiful gift that you can give. It will be gladly accepted and graciously accepted.

Water proof

This watch has been completely tested and found to be water-proof. You can therefore swim in it and even use it for competitions.

Further, it comes with a two-year warranty against any defects.


A chronograph watch is one of the most beautiful watches that one can wear. About Vintage is a young and creative watch manufacturer with unique design skills that produce quite beautiful watches. With its unique features and beautiful design, you will never go wrong with the 1844 chronograph watch from About Vintage.


Top Tips on Travelling with Your Watch

A watch may not be at the top of your travel essentials list, but it is an item that may be handy to have when you are travelling nonetheless. When travelling for a formal event, for instance, having a dress watch to complete your formal attire is a must.

Some people travel with multiple watches for different occasions. There are certainly benefits of bringing some of your favourite watches with you. Before you start picking up a couple for your next trip, however, here are the top tips to keep in mind.

Carry a Watch Roll

One of the first things to keep in mind when traveling with your watches, especially the more exquisite pieces in your collection, is to keep them safe at all times. You want to bring them in your carry-on rather than check them in with your luggage.

To keep watches safe, invest in a good watch roll. Depending on how many watches you usually need to bring, you can pick the right size and have the ability to protect your watches while traveling with them.

Pick Up New Pieces

Shopping for new watches while traveling is also highly recommended if you are a true horology enthusiast. There are pieces that are available exclusively to select countries and regions; they make a great addition to your collection for sure.

For example, you can shop for unique pieces from Oris while in Thailand. You don’t even have to worry about where to get them, because retailers like Trocadero Group have luxury watch Thailand stores that you can visit directly.

Wear the Right One

A watch can say a lot about who you are. When travelling, wearing the right watch can actually make the entire travel experience more enjoyable. We’ve had stories of people getting recognised for the watches they wear; you may come home with stories of your own.

Some travel experts even recommend wearing watches that can be used to barter. A stainless-steel Rolex, for example, is easily recognisable and is the perfect item to trade when you are in a tight situation whilst travelling.

Opt for a GMT

Some watches are designed to tell the time in different time zones while maintaining an accurate time of the home region. Pieces like the Rolex GMT-Master are perfect for when you are traveling internationally and you need to tell the time in different time zones.

Most digital watches and today’s best smartwatches are also capable of automatically adjusting to the time zone you are in. GPS-powered pieces by the likes of Seiko and Tissot are definitely worth looking into if you travel frequently.

Keep Your Watches Safe

The one you wear on your wrist isn’t the one you need to worry about. When travelling with multiple watches, make sure you store them inside a safe in your hotel room. Never hesitate to take extra steps to protect the crown pieces of your watch collection.

With these travel tips in mind, there is no reason why you cannot travel with your best watches. As you are packing for your next trip, don’t forget these forgotten about essentials.

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